Integrated Health Solutions


Taking a holistic, patient-centric approach to helping you discover the healthy life you desire.

We take a different approach to health.  Our integrated health counseling starts with a comprehensive health review. Together we analyze all areas of mind and body, including:

  • Physical complaints
  • Symptoms
  • Medical history
  • Diet, digestion, and metabolism
  • Sleep
  • Emotions
  • Behavioral habits and much more

During your initial consultation, we help you develop your custom plan of care.  From there, we work with you as much or as little as you need, to help you achieve your desired level of health.  

Fine Feather Health and its associates are not intended to replace or substitute physician management, but rather work as an extension of care.


What if you had a partner in health?

Your care plan will be personalized to fit your needs, your values and your goals.

Say Goodbye to
Cookie-Cutter Plans

The definition of good health is personal.  By defining what good health means to you, you can uncover internal motivators and live the life you desire.

Maintain a Personal Relationship With Your Nurse-Coach

Your nurse-coach is your partner.  You will not focus on weaknesses and the health problems you need to fix.  Instead, you will be encouraged to acknowledge your strengths and will focus on positive health behaviors to rise above and outgrow any health concerns.


Get Accessible Support,
available On-The-go

An innovative health portal will allow you to stay connected to your nurse-coach.  Setting and tracking goals is quick and easy with Bluetooth integration with devices such as scales, blood pressure cuffs, glucometers and apps like Apple Health, Google Fit and MyFitnessPal.

Find Help Navigating
the Healthcare System

As a holistic, patient-centric support system, we help you utilize all resources available to help you reach your goals.  We believe in healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Because of this program, I have reached, crushed, and continued to surpass my goals!
— Michael B.