How do I get started?

Click here to tell us a little about yourself and to get started.

How much does it cost?

We have many plans available, depending if you are an individual, a company or a medical practice.  Click here to contact us for specific pricing information

I have started programs before, but I never have lasting success?

 Now you have a true partner.  We don’t focus on what needs to change, we focus on your strengths.  There are two engines of change:  “I want to do it” and “I believe I can do it”   Once you uncover the power of these engines, discovering and achieving your optimal health is much easier and sustainable.

I don’t want to give up ice cream.  I love ice cream.

Once you define personal health for yourself, you will be able to decide what stays and what does not.  We will never tell you, you have to give up ice cream or anything else for that matter.   We counsel on nutrition, movement and mindfulness, but ultimately, our program is all about helping you reach your goals, while giving you the power to decide on specifics.

How will I find the time to fit this into my crazy life schedule?

Once you start working with a nurse, together you will decide how much time you want to spend collaborating.  Through our innovative health portal you have the ability to communicate via phone, secure messaging and video chat.  You decide what times are convenient and the best method to communicate.