How It Works

Fine Feather Health Solutions are available to individuals, groups and medical practices. 


Fine Feather Health Collaborative Care Platform

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Nurse Insights

Cohesive, simple interface shows personal nurses who is on track, and who needs extra outreach. 



Communication Tools

Personal nurses and employees efficiently communicate through voice, secure text, or video. 


Collaborative Care Results

Immediate Impact and Sustained Change

Clinical Pilot Partners

6 years of research at the MIT Media Lab on collaborative care were conducted through a Random Clinical Trial.

These Random Clinical Trial results represent some of the greatest magnitude outcomes that have been published. 


26mmHg drop in blood pressure for uncontrolled hypertensives in 3 months 

Typical drop with office visits is 6 mmHg in 1 year

3.2 drop in HbA1c for patients starting basal insulin in 3 months 

Typical drop with office visits is 0.5 to 1.0 in 1 year