The program starts when you are ready for change, and lasts 30 days.  

Your first email arrives on the first day of the month you choose, with new groups starting every month.

Daily emails contain quotes, recipes, educational recipes, and a mind-body activity.

A nurse-coach guides the program. 

For additional support and encouragement you will have access to private online forums.

Week 1

The first week is about education and preparation.

You will learn about the program and why it is designed as it is.  You will be encouraged to examine your thoughts on good health and develop your personal health and wellness vision. You will start enriching your mind and spirit, before you make any other changes.

Week 2

Starting in week two, nutrition becomes a focal point.

You will be encouraged to follow a wholesome, clean diet. The focus will be on what you eat, not how much you eat. You won’t weigh anything, you won’t count anything and you won’t track anything. You will eat whenever you want and until you are full.

Week 3

Week three adds movement into the equation.

If you are not already engaged in physical activity, you will be encouraged to add movement to your daily routine.  If you are already physically active, you will be encouraged to try something new or revisit something old. What you do, the duration, the intensity and the timing will be up to you.

Week 4

Week four begins the transition period. 

This program should not be viewed as having a beginning and end. This program is a reset. By the end of 30 days you should be armed with enough information and insight to move forward with the healthy lifestyle you want for yourself.

Moving Forward

At this point you will determine what foods you want to add back and what, if any, foods you will avoid.

You will decide how you want to approach your health and habits.  
Throughout the 30 days you will receive additional helpful information regarding stress, sleep, and mindfulness.