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Kristy Dalechek, RN-BSN

As a wife, mother, nurse, health coach and business woman, I know how hard it can be to make your own health a priority. I have been involved in health and wellness for over 25 years and I still found myself putting my own health last on the priority list. Today, although I am far from perfect, finding balance and putting my health first has been the best decision I could make for myself and my family.

My interest in health and wellness began with my first official job in high school. I worked the front desk at a health club and learned to teach group fitness classes. Yes, I wore tall socks, tights and a leotard. After completing my Bachelors of Science in Finance, I worked as a financial advisor for a bank (swapped the tights for a business suit and pantyhose). After our third and final baby, my perspective completely changed. I decided I no longer wanted to rule the financial world; I just wanted to save some small part. I obtained another Bachelor of Science degree, this time in nursing, and started working in the NICU at a St. Louis children’s hospital. Talk about small, when life fits in the palm of your hand-that is small. From there I transitioned to the hospital’s critical care flight team. When my family relocated to Tampa, Florida, I began working for an insurance company in business development.  My focus was a supplemental health insurance product that focused on employee wellness. I learned a lot about insurance and even more about our medical system.

Seeing the need to address chronic disease from a more collaborative angle, I developed and launched Fine Feather Health. I am passionate about helping people discover their healthiest self.  I believe the definition of good health is a personal one and I believe the key to success is in personal relationships and shared plans. Even the smallest action is a step in the right direction. You can’t reach your goal unless you take the first step.

If you make your heath a priority today, I promise you won’t be sorry!


Jessica Magniccari, Marketing Specialist

I grew up in with a love of art and became a Graphic Designer after college. After years of working at a desk job with long hours, I experienced shifts in my energy and began to adopt a healthier lifestyle. It wasn’t always easy and I’ve certainly had my own trials and tribulations along the way. As health became more important to me, I decided to obtain a Nursing degree and turn in my desk job for a hospital job. Seeing the value of prevention, I then moved into corporate wellness, personal training and health coaching.
Through my personal experiences, working with others and continually exploring research in the field, I have come to believe that health is not achieved through hours at the gym and cannot be determined by a number on the scale. I feel strongly about addressing health from a physical, mental and emotional perspective and working toward a balanced lifestyle.
Since my interest in art never disappeared, I now specialize in marketing and design at Fine Feather Health. I enjoy creating materials for Fine Feather Health partners and program participants that are accessible, easy to understand and fun to use. I have a great sense of fulfillment doing graphic design to communicate such an important message to people - how to achieve their best health!